Our Super Awesome 10k Giveaway!!

We did it guys! We finally did it! We reached ten thousand Instagram followers while on our latest adventure in the Cayman Islands! I want to thank each and every one of you who take the time to like and comment on our posts, and a special thanks to everyone who follows us on our journeys. We really mean it. And to show our sincere gratitude we are hosting our first ever Two Wandering Souls Giveaway. We have a few awesome prizes to give away, so I’ll cut right to the chase.

Grand Prize

  • GoPro HERO5 Black ($400 value)

Second Prize

  • Genovega Round Pink Flamingo Beach Towel w/ Fringe Tassels ($30 value)
  • Vera Azure Tote Shoulder Beach Bag Nautical Pink ($18 value)

Third Prize

  • TELESIN 6″ Dome Port for the GoPro HERO4 and Hero3/3+ Underwater Photography ($45 value)



So here’s what you have to do to enter!

  1. Follow us @two_wandering_souls on Instagram. (if you aren’t already following)
  2. Tag three friends who love to travel and tell them to follow!

Here’s other things you can do to increase your odds of winning:

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Terms & Conditions

Following us on Instagram and tagging three friends gets you 10 entries. Liking us on Facebook, sharing our Facebook contest post, and following our sister Instagram account gets you one additional entry each. Contest runs from Monday May 22, 2017 – Saturday May 27, 2017 9:00 PM Eastern Time. Winners will be randomly selected and announced within 24 hours after the contest ends. Winners must reside in the Contiguous United States (the lower 48 states) otherwise there may be a fee charged for international shipping. Fee will be determined on a location basis for any international/non contiguous US winners. No fees at all if you reside within the contiguous United States. Winners will be contacted by either Instagram direct message or Facebook direct message first. The winners will have 24 hours to respond or else a new winner will be randomly selected. Once shipping details are provided and confirmed, the three winners will be announced on Instagram and Facebook. Any questions about the contest, please contact: peter@two-wandering-souls.com 

Unique Travelers on a Budget

We often get asked how we manage to afford to travel so often. The answer to that is a little more complex than it may seem. To most people, the idea of traveling or going on vacation involves staying at an all-inclusive resort or a 5-star hotel and absorbing all of the charges that come along with it. I think it’s safe to say that staying at a hotel is probably one of the worst things you can do when traveling. Especially if you want a decent oceanfront room or even an ocean view room, you’re already in the hole big time financially. Want a hotel room with a balcony facing the ocean? Probably means you can only afford to stay there 3 or 4 nights. How are you supposed to truly appreciate a place and its culture if you’re only there 3 nights? It’s impossible!

Not to mention the fact that most hotel rooms are basically glorified bedrooms in disguise. Seriously, most of the time you have one room with a bed in it and a bathroom. You’re lucky if they give you some sort of mini-kitchenette or living space. And odds are those hotel rooms that have more than one room are even more expensive! No thank you!

Another downfall of staying at an all-inclusive resort or a hotel is the fact that you’re basically forced to eat at their restaurants and encouraged to stay within the resort parameters. But like I said before, how are you supposed to truly experience the culture of an island if you never leave the resort? Odds are you’re going to miss out on all the amazing local food, the local activities and places, the local people, etc. As much as the hotels try to make themselves seem local and authentic based on the location they’re in, the fact is they are generally catered to tourists. And of course, you never want to be considered a tourist in any location you are in.

But before we begin, I want to take some time to run a little experiment first. The next time you’re in the Caribbean or on some tropical island, how would you like to stay at a hotel that looks like this?


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Aruba: Six Unique Activities To Do

In our next featured article, we are jumping over to the Southern Caribbean now, to a very popular island called Aruba. There are so many things to do and places to see in Aruba, and most of them are very well documented. So basically I didn’t want to write the same things that have been written hundreds of times before. My article instead features six activities that are a little off the beaten path, activities that many of the casual tourists who visit the island probably don’t know about. (yet!)  I hope you enjoy!

Mangel Halto

I like to classify this one as my hidden gem. Mangel Halto is situated about 30 minutes away from the high-rise section of Aruba. It’s located in the sleepy Pos Chiquito village which is located in the larger territory of Savaneta. If you drive too fast you might pass it. This beach is not your traditional beach. It’s uniqueness comes from the network of mangroves surrounding the immediate area. These mangroves protect the calm, shallow waters which are rich in sea life. There are also tiki-huts for shade and picnic tables as well. But perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Mangel Halto is the many shades of blue found in the water. My words don’t do it justice, so just take a look at the pictures below!

Malmok Reef

Who loves jumping into crystal clear water? We certainly do! The reef at Malmok gives you the perfect opportunity to capture that awesome jumping-into-the-water GoPro video! Not to mention the reef around here boasts some of the best snorkeling in ALL of Aruba! In fact, the majority of snorkel excursions and snorkel boats come to this very spot. With that being said, your best bet is to get here early in the morning, (before 10:30AM) otherwise you’re going to be bumping into dozens of people trying to do the same exact thing as you.

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St. Maarten: Three of the Most Unique Restaurants

Our last article featured Grand Cayman in the Western Caribbean, but now we’re taking a short trip over to the Eastern Caribbean. St. Maarten is a tiny island only 34 square miles in size. The island is divided into two territories: Sint Maarten (belonging to the Dutch) on the south side comprises about 40% of the island, and Saint Martin (belonging to the French) on the north side comprises about 60% of the island. Both territories are quite different in style, however the one thing they both have in common is the spectacular food. There’s a reason why they call St. Maarten the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean! You can’t go wrong with any restaurant on the island, as they’re all fantastic. However, today I wanted to point out three unique spots that stood out amongst the rest. I bring to you, Three of the Most Unique Restaurants in St. Maarten.

The Stone Restaurant

Have you ever imagined eating your food off of sizzling hot volcanic stones? Yeah we never imagined it either. But we’re so glad we did! At The Stone Restaurant, your entree is served on top of a black lava rock, which sits on a salted wooden plank.  Whether you order the juicy steak or fresh salmon, your meal arrives at your table still in the process of cooking. When the juices seep out onto the hot rocks, they produce smoke which wafts up around the food, resulting  in an even tastier experience. Your entree is always served to you this way, because you have the option to continue to cook the meat on the stone as you please. A little too rare for your liking? No problem, just cut a piece off and press against the hot stone for a few seconds. Problem solved! No matter what you order here, you are getting top quality ingredients. I personally love the Parmesan and Pistachio Crusted Rack of Lamb. In the mood for an appetizer as well? Try the Cheese & Port Wine Fondue For Two. Warm cheese fondue comes with a side of sweet red wine to pour into the mix. You can then dip a variety of potatoes and tomatoes in the cheese and wine fondue for a mouth-watering concoction.

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Grand Cayman: Eight Must-Do Activities

For my first featured article, I’d like to introduce Grand Cayman, a small island in the western Caribbean about 270 miles from Cuba. Most people know Cayman as the Caribbean Island where many celebrities keep their off-shore bank accounts. But today I want to show you the side of Cayman that I know and love. So without further ado, I bring to you the Top 8 Activities To Do in Grand Cayman!

Stingray City

Stingrays are majestic guardians of the sea, or at least that’s how I like to describe them. These mythical creatures are generally friendly and rarely aggressive, which is why they’re such a blast to swim with in Grand Cayman! Stingray City is a popular sand bar out in the middle of the ocean, off the north coast of Cayman. You can only get there by sea, which usually means you’re jet-skiing or boating it there. (unless you have a jetpack!) But the journey there is part of the experience, because when you jet-ski there, you’ll immediately notice that the water surrounding Stingray City is some of the clearest and brightest tuquoise water you’ve ever seen! It truly is a treat to look at, especially on a sunny day. Once you get to the area, you’ll probably notice other boats or jet-skis there. In order to avoid the crowds, go early in the morning during the week. Monday or Tuesdays work best! Now it’s time to hop off your jet-ski and into the waist deep waters of Stingray City. If you’re on a guided tour (which I recommend) you’ll be able to pet the stingrays, get a back massage from them, and even kiss them! Kiss a stingray for 7 years of good luck! You also have the option to feed them….which is fun until a seagull swoops in and steals the fish right out of your hand! All in all, this is definitely a must-do activity while you’re in Cayman.

Seven Mile Beach

Probably the most common activity while you’re in Cayman is to visit the world’s famous Seven Mile Beach. (which is technically less than 6 miles long now) Seven Mile Beach is one of the longest stretches of pearly white sand and turquoise blue waters you’ll find in the Caribbean. The best part is, you can walk the whole length of the beach uninterrupted. (all beaches in Cayman are public) The beach is lined with a mix of high rise 5-star hotels and smaller more beachy-looking condos. (Tip! Ditch a resort and stay at a condo for less crowds and more beach space) Spend the day laying out on the powdery sand with a tropical frozen drink and in the water snorkeling/looking for sea shells. Then cap it all off with some of the best sunset views you’ll ever see. (Seven Mile Beach faces west, which is perfect for sunsets) No matter what part of Seven Mile Beach you’re on, you won’t be disappointed!

Rum Point/Starfish Point

A visit to Cayman wouldn’t be complete without spending a day at Rum Point. Situated far away from the hustle and bustle of the Seven Mile Beach area, Rum Point is definitely a must-see experience. It’s about a 50 minute drive from the SMB area; first you have to drive out east, then up north, then back west a little, but trust me, the journey is worth it. Rum Point is a tranquil little spot with sugar white sands and very calm and clear shallow waters. There’s a restaurant (great conch fritters and jerk chicken)  and snorkeling available, but the best part about Rum Point is that it is so secluded and peaceful. You can also make a stop at Starfish Point, which is a few minutes away. Starfish Point is a stretch of shallow waters off the northern coast of Cayman where starfish naturally live. You’ll see all types of sizes, designs, and colors of different starfish, but if you want to snap that photo with them, there are two rules. Be gentle! And be sure not to take them fully out of the water. They breathe through their feet and can only breathe when they are submerged. So take that snap quickly!

Cayman Turtle Centre

Cayman Turtle Center is another fun activity, especially for the kids. Apart from seeing and learning about many different animals and creatures, you could also swim/snorkel in a giant natural lagoon filled with turtles and tropical fish. Get your GoPro’s ready for some awesome videos! There are also nature trails, a giant pool with a water-slide and waterfall, a bird aviary, a bar/grill, and much much more! See, who said education couldn’t be fun?


Keep reading for the four non-touristy activities in Cayman!

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We Love To Fly Part 2

Just got back from another drone filming session….much nicer day out today! Still cold, but the sky was clearer and the sun was out! Can’t wait to take this bad boy on our next trip.

Pretty cool boat shot!


Not a cloud in the sky!


Stay tuned! Article about Grand Cayman coming next!

Who loves to fly? We love to fly!

Our newest member of the Two Wandering Souls family is the DJI Mavic Pro drone!!! (Two & A Half Wandering Souls now? haha!) Just took it for its first flight during this dark and dreary day. Enjoy some preliminary footage.

It really was a dark, dreary day. When’s summer again?


It was pretty cold, I’m not going to lie!


Stay tuned for my next post tomorrow morning on the Top 4 Touristy/Not-So Touristy activities to experience in Grand Cayman!

2017 Travel Destinations (and more)

Let’s declare 2017 the year of travel! This is our chance to bring traveling back to the mainstream and get more people interested in seeing the world. Nowadays it seems like everyone has their face buried in their smartphone or other electronic device. Nobody wants to go explore anymore!! But this will change starting this year. In the coming weeks and months I will be posting several (very useful) travel tips, hidden locations, breathtaking photos and videos of our favorite spots around the world, and much much more!

But before I spill all the beans at once, I now present to you a list of confirmed (so far) travel locations for Two Wandering Souls this year:


  • Rome
  • The Amalfi Coast (pictured below)


  • Capri (pictured below)

  • Sardinia (pictured below)


  • Grand Cayman (pictured below)


  • St. Maarten (pictured below)


  • Anguilla (pictured below)


  • Nassau, Bahamas
  • Grand Turk
  • Dominican Republic

New York

  • Niagara Falls (pictured below)



This will get updated as more locations are confirmed. Stay tuned!


Welcome to all the Wandering Souls out there!

Today is a monumental day for many reasons!!

The first, and most obvious, being the launch of our brand new Two Wandering Souls website complete with our brand new logo!!


It has been a long way coming but I can finally say thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. If it wasn’t for your likes, follows, support, and advice, none of this would have been possible. And a big thank you goes to my partner in crime, my fiancé Dana! She’s the other soul in Two Wandering Souls. You may also know her as the girl in most of the photos I post. If it wasn’t for her, my love of travel may have never reached its full potential. But anyway, let’s get to business here!

The purpose of this website is to educate the masses on how to travel economically while still making the most of every second! Travel is the only thing that makes you richer. You create memories, experiences, stories to tell, and much much more all by traveling. These are the things we remember years down the road. We may not remember those new sneakers we bought, or that new blu-ray player, or that new tablet. But you’ll never forget that time you jumped off a reef into crystal clear turquoise waters, or that time you swam with those stingrays twice your size, or that time you witnessed the most breathtaking sunset or waterfall.

The truth is, we are all Wandering Souls.

I believe that deep down inside, every person has a spirit and passion for adventure. Some of us choose to act on that passion, some of us try to convince our self that it isn’t possible. I have learned that my joy in life comes from my encounters with new experiences. I am happiest when I’m out on adventures with my other half. Whatever it may be. Exploring a nature reserve, a rocky coastline, a wooded park, a tropical jungle, or a beachy island, it doesn’t matter. As long as I’m out exploring and enjoying the beauty of nature, I am happy. I was not born to stay in one place for my entire life. This whole world is my native land. I’m sure you have all heard that quote “If we were meant to stay in one place our entire lives we’d have roots instead of feet.” This couldn’t be more true!

This year 2017 will be a big year for all of us!! Let’s get rid of the idea that traveling is not affordable, logical, reasonable, or whatever the excuse is. Let’s all get outside more. Let’s explore more. And most importantly, let’s live a life that we’ll always remember!

Stay tuned for our next blog post where we outline some of our travel destinations for 2017!