St. Maarten: Three of the Most Unique Restaurants

Our last article featured Grand Cayman in the Western Caribbean, but now we’re taking a short trip over to the Eastern Caribbean. St. Maarten is a tiny island only 34 square miles in size. The island is divided into two territories: Sint Maarten (belonging to the Dutch) on the south side comprises about 40% of the island, and Saint Martin (belonging to the French) on the north side comprises about 60% of the island. Both territories are quite different in style, however the one thing they both have in common is the spectacular food. There’s a reason why they call St. Maarten the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean! You can’t go wrong with any restaurant on the island, as they’re all fantastic. However, today I wanted to point out three unique spots that stood out amongst the rest. I bring to you, Three of the Most Unique Restaurants in St. Maarten.

The Stone Restaurant

Have you ever imagined eating your food off of sizzling hot volcanic stones? Yeah we never imagined it either. But we’re so glad we did! At The Stone Restaurant, your entree is served on top of a black lava rock, which sits on a salted wooden plank.  Whether you order the juicy steak or fresh salmon, your meal arrives at your table still in the process of cooking. When the juices seep out onto the hot rocks, they produce smoke which wafts up around the food, resulting  in an even tastier experience. Your entree is always served to you this way, because you have the option to continue to cook the meat on the stone as you please. A little too rare for your liking? No problem, just cut a piece off and press against the hot stone for a few seconds. Problem solved! No matter what you order here, you are getting top quality ingredients. I personally love the Parmesan and Pistachio Crusted Rack of Lamb. In the mood for an appetizer as well? Try the Cheese & Port Wine Fondue For Two. Warm cheese fondue comes with a side of sweet red wine to pour into the mix. You can then dip a variety of potatoes and tomatoes in the cheese and wine fondue for a mouth-watering concoction.

Skip Jack’s

The people have spoken. Skip Jack’s has been voted the best Seafood Spot in St. Maarten for the past three years. I can definitely see why. Last time I was in St. Maarten, we came here for lunch. We loved it so much that we came back for dinner a few nights later! I mean, where else can you pick a live Caribbean lobster the size of your torso straight from a tank and eat it a few minutes later? The restaurant prides itself in delivering the freshest seafood offerings to the table every day. Situated right on the Simpson Bay lagoon, not only are you getting the freshest fish, but you’re also getting pretty awesome views. I ended up picking out a lobster that was almost 6 pounds! They fillet the lobster in half for you, grill it with Caribbean spices, and then serve it with melted butter. The Caribbean lobster is meant for two, but if you’re daring enough, you can take on the whole thing by yourself!

Interlude @ La Samanna

This next place we were originally supposed to go to for dinner, but ended up going for brunch. Still an amazing experience. The Interlude/Trellis Restaurant located at Belmond La Samanna is actually just over the border of the French Side facing Long Bay. This means you will experience some of the most stunning ocean front views you have ever seen. There’s something about the water in Long Bay (Baie Longue) that make it shine so bright and blue. But I digress. The brunch is served buffet style, and you’ll find everything including almond croissants, pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, fruit, coffees, and juices all with a traditional French flair. Simply put, there is no better place to have breakfast on the island.

There are many more great food spots on the island, but these are three that stood out to us. Stay tuned for more featured articles coming soon!

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