2017 Travel Destinations (and more)

Let’s declare 2017 the year of travel! This is our chance to bring traveling back to the mainstream and get more people interested in seeing the world. Nowadays it seems like everyone has their face buried in their smartphone or other electronic device. Nobody wants to go explore anymore!! But this will change starting this year. In the coming weeks and months I will be posting several (very useful) travel tips, hidden locations, breathtaking photos and videos of our favorite spots around the world, and much much more!

But before I spill all the beans at once, I now present to you a list of confirmed (so far) travel locations for Two Wandering Souls this year:


  • Rome
  • The Amalfi Coast (pictured below)


  • Capri (pictured below)

  • Sardinia (pictured below)


  • Grand Cayman (pictured below)


  • St. Maarten (pictured below)


  • Anguilla (pictured below)


  • Nassau,ย Bahamas
  • Grand Turk
  • Dominican Republic

New York

  • Niagara Falls (pictured below)



This will get updated as more locations are confirmed. Stay tuned!


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